12 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with In-Drawer Organizer

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ALL ESSENTIAL KNIVES IN ONE SET: 8″ chef’s knife, 10.5″ serrated bread knife, 7″ fillet knife, 5″ utility knife, 3.5″ paring knife, set of 6 – 5″ steak knives, and a 8″ professional magnetized honing rod. The set comes with knife holder for kitchen drawer (size 17.1″x7.4″x2.2″).

RAZOR SHARP: All the non-serrated knives in this set are sharpened at 15 degree angle per side which enables paper-thin cuts and effortless slicing. Our Bread knife blade with a hollow grind is designed to reduce crumbs while cutting through crust and be aware, our steak knives are very sharp.

SUPERIOR QUALITY & DURABILITY: The 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel blades have a hardness of 56±2 in Rockwell Scale. Which means these knives are good at holding edge and reduce the need for sharpening. Regular use of the included honing rod will prolong the time between sharpening sessions even more. Even the Steak knives are made of high grade 5Cr15MoV quality steel!

CLUTTER FREE COUNTERTOP: This kitchen knife set comes with a bamboo knife drawer organizer. This enables you to store your knife set inside the drawer and out of sight. On top of saving counter space, your knives are stored safely and will remain sharp for longer time. The drawer knife block is 17.1 x 7.4 x 2.2 inches and is suitable for most standard kitchen drawers.

PURPOSEFUL DESIGN: All of our knives are designed to give you maximum value at an affordable price. The handles are made of pakkawood – a composite that has non-slip qualities but does not crack or swell in contact with water. The 7Cr17MoV steel we use is superior to X50 and 1.4116 steel used in most big brand knives. Handwash with warm water and mild soap is recommended to keep your knives sharp, as the dishwasher detergents are abrasive and dull your knives.


Mama’s Great premium quality knives for the kitchen are the result of years of research and consultations with Chefs, Blacksmiths, Knifemakers, and Steel factories. We took all the best qualities of the big brand knives on the market, optimized production, and made premium quality knives affordable for everyone.



Chef knife high carbon stainless steel for slicing dicing chopping8 inch Chef’s Knife

Chef Knife is perfect for everyday use. The curved blade allows it to rock on a chopping board, making it the perfect tool for chopping or dicing, and the broad heel area enables it to stand up to more pressure during heavy-duty work. When chopping large quantities of vegetables, or cutting thick or hard food, this is your tool.

Fillet knife for filleting cleaning fish deboning meat

7 inch Fillet Knife

Fillet Knife has a slim and flexible blade that is perfect for removing bones from fish without damaging the delicate flesh. This knife helps you create perfect fillets as you cut around the backbone of a fish and also works well for trimming brisket.

serrated bread knife for homemade bread cuts crust does not squish bread10.5 inch Serrated Bread Knife

Bread Knife has a long blade and a sharp serrated edge. It is perfect for slicing through any type of bread. Due to the serrated blade, you can cut through both soft texture and extremely crusty loaves with ease, without damaging the crumb. This knife is also good for cutting tough-skinned fruits & vegetables like tomatoes, eggplants, pineapples and melons.

kitchen utility knife petty universal kitchen tool5 inch Utility Knife

Utility Knife is great for chopping or cutting smaller foods and vegetables. It shares many of the qualities of our Chef Knife but allows for more precise mincing or cutting. When your chef knife is a little too big for the job, or the job needs more finesse, you’ll want to reach for our utility knife.

paring knife 3.5 inch for peeling and precision cuts inch Paring Knife

Paring Knife has a short blade, which makes it easy to maneuver. It is great for delicate tasks like peeling, trimming, and removing seeds from fruit and vegetables.

Steak knife set of 6 dinner table knifeSet of 6 – 5 inch Steak Knives

Steak Knife is a table knife that has a serrated edge and sharply pointed tip. This is the perfect tool at the table for any meat dish served.


honing steel sharpening rod magnetized8 inch Honing Steel

Honing Steel helps straighten and align metal fibers on the knife’s edge that get bent during the cutting process. Without honing, your knife’s edge will eventually become dull. To extend the time between sharpening sessions, hone your knives every 2-5 uses.

Mama’s Great Knives are best honed at a 15 degrees angle, honing both sides of the blade 5-10 times. Remember to wipe the blade with a soft cloth after honing to remove microscopic metal filings from the blade.

In drawer knife block tray decluttering bamboo organizerBamboo In-drawer Knife Block

Bamboo In-drawer Knife Block helps you declutter your kitchen drawer or free up that valuable kitchen counter space. The knife tray also ensures that your knives stay sharp, as the blades are protected from coming to contact with one another.

7 reviews for 12 Piece Kitchen Knife Set with In-Drawer Organizer

  1. staysha

    My mom was in desperate need of new knifes, and these came in beautifully! they came in a couple days later than originally planned, but I truly blame the weather for that! I also love that it comes with the storage piece for the drawer. Great for people who have more storage space in there kitchens over counter space.
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  2. Anne Foster

    Very nice set with high quality wooden handles and sharp blades. Storage system makes use in and out of kitchen drawers easy.

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