7 Inch Fillet Knife, flexible razor sharp blade

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👌LONG-LASTING QUALITY: All Mama´s Great knives are rustproof, have great edge retention and a good balance between hardness & flexibility. The full tang design ensures the blades are well balanced. The ergonomic pakkawood handles not only look great but also offer good grip. The blades are forged from top-grade 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel.

👌DELICATE CUTS: The cutting edge of the blade is polished at 15 degrees per side which means it cuts the delicate meat effortlessly without tearing it.

👌EFFORTLESS AND EASY TO USE: Mama´s Great fillet knife is razor-sharp & flexible. It has a narrow and flexible blade with a tapered tip that is easy to maneuver around smaller bones when boning meat or removing skin from fish.

👌PERFECT LENGHT: Should you only have 1 knife for filleting & cleaning fish then aim for the 7 inch blade. Shorter filet knives are great as bait knives while longer ones are difficult to maneuver at home.

👌EASY CARE: After each use hand wash your Mama´s Great filleting knife with warm water and mild soap, then rinse and dry with a towel. To keep your knife in the best shape, we do not recommend using a dishwasher or leaving the knife to soak in water.


Thin and flexible blade with a stiff spine and very sharp edge. Perfect for filleting fish or de-boning larger cuts of meats. Blade length: 7 inches. Blade material 7Cr 17MoV High carbon stainless steel. Whenever you have fresh fish in your kitchen, it’s the fillet knife you want to grab to prepare the fish for cooking. Fillet knives are specifically designed for handling fish. The blade is thin and has a tapered tip, so it can easily maneuver along the bones of the fish. The flexible blade makes it easier to remove the skin from fish. Last but not least filet knife blades are super sharp so that you will have clean cuts, and the delicate meat is not torn.

13 reviews for 7 Inch Fillet Knife, flexible razor sharp blade

  1. G. A.

    When you fillet Large Mouth Bass you need a long sharp knife. It’s not easy to keep from cutting too deep
    into the fillet. Cutting thru the rib cage is hard without a sharp and easy to grip knife. This knife passed
    the test on both. The manufacturer makes five good points about the knife:
    I personally agree and can highly recommend this fillet knife.

  2. Kelly Woodward

    We use this knife for fillets and boning. It has great flexibility when working with fish and offers wonderful control when boing a shoulder. The handle is well made and needed to be oiled to bring out the grain. It’s easy to hold and only required a good honing to keep the sharpness after several uses. It is a bit rough on the manufacturing side and it would have been nice to have a more cleaned up finished product. Overall its a good knife that’s going to last for a long time.

  3. Centropomus Robalito

    Thin, flexible blade and a solid handle. Fits well in my hand, good weight, and cuts easily. Packaged well in a nice, attractive case.

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