Serrated Bread Knife 10.5 Inch

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👌 Long Blade: If you´re going to have only one serrated knife in your kitchen, then 10 inch knife is the sweet spot. That´s long enough for a sourdough boule, but not ridiculously long when cutting through a baguette. Our 10.5 inch knife can slice eggplants lengthwise, and halve sandwiches with one back and forth motion. The blade is also tested to work with bamboo bread slicers for homemade bread.

👌 Serration Designed for Effortless Slicing: The sharp pointed teeth immediately grab onto the crust and saw through it smoothly, keeping the crust intact when making thin slices. The distance between teeth is increased vs. average bread knives. This means it produces fewer crumbs when cutting crusty loaf. The pointed serrations will also easily pierce through tough-skinned fruits & vegetables like tomatoes, eggplants, pineapples, and melons.

👌 Double Bevel Grind: Imagine a perfect bread slice with every cut… Because of asymmetrical hollow double grind this knife has a thinner cutting edge, which means the blade is sharper. This in turn enables you to cut effortlessly as thin slices as you desire.

👌 Wider & Thinner Blade with Bowed Cutting Line: The blade is 15% wider vs. common bread knives which makes it easier to control the blade. At the same time, the blade is 20% thinner, so you can make straight cuts & even thin slices without tearing the bread. The curved blade offers a good balance between knuckle protection & control versus offset bread knife. The thin curved blade is ideal for a wide range of tasks not just bread and pastries but also soft fruits and vegetables.

👌 Carefully Crafted: This knife is designed with one thing in mind – cutting bread needs to be effortless. The full tang design ensures the blade is well balanced. The ergonomic pakkawood handle not only looks great but also offers a good grip. The blade is forged from 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel. It is excellent for bread knives – it is rustproof, has great edge retention & a good balance between hardness & flexibility.


Because serrated knives aren’t just for bread, we made this knife with a curved belly and a generous length. This makes jobs like cutting tomatoes and other soft-fleshed plant-based matter with tough skin much easier, because you can use a rocking motion. The extended heel offers exceptional knuckle clearance you won’t find with a straight serrated knife. 10.5 inches is a good length for most jobs, especially if you have only one serrated knife in your kitchen. This blade length can break down pineapple and halve a watermelon as easily as it can slice up a baguette.

10 reviews for Serrated Bread Knife 10.5 Inch

  1. Duane A. Priest

    I’ve tried a lot of serrated knives over the years, and this is hands-down my favorite. The blade is nice and long so that when you’re making long, light strokes through a loaf of bread. It’s very sharp, sharper than any of the others I have. It’s also great for thin slicing meats, etc. The handle is well designed and comfortable, and appears to be something that will stand the test of time. Washing it (by hand, of course,) is extremely easy and it still looks like new.

    Again, this is a strong, sharp knife and it works the way it’s supposed to. I would definitely order it again and I have no reservations about recommending it to others.

  2. Michael J. Edelman

    This is a good carbon steel blade. It’s very sharp, should be easy to resharpen, and it has a good spring to it that tells me it’s properly tempered, unlike a lot of cheap blades that claim to stay sharp forever. The big selling point of course is the length, and this knife is more than long enough to slice through any loaf I might buy or make without having to clumsily work my way around it. The handle is a simple wood affair that doesn’t slip in the hand. For under fifteen dollars I think it’s a good value, and for that, and the good overall quality, five stars.

  3. James Houghton

    Full disclaimer here, I did not purchase this as a bread knife. It does work well as a bread knife, but I got this for cutting watermelon. The extra long blade makes it ideal for working with larger items like a whole watermelon.

    The blade does have a bit of give to it, but since it wasn’t really designed for cutting watermelon, I’m OK with that, and once you start it into the melon it actually cuts pretty well. The serrated edge makes cutting the rind pretty easy and it does not tear up the fruit inside.

    And if it works this well on watermelon, it will work well on bread, the one homemade loaf I did cut with this knife was fine. The serrated edge cut through the crust and made a nice even cut through the bread.

  4. R. Matthews

    I needed a new bread knife so I bought this one. It works great! Slices right through bread with ease!

  5. TobycW

    This knife is longer than I expected. May make for storage problems because it is too long for most knife butcher block stands without it sticking out a lot. Performance wise, it cuts great. It has some flex to it but overall is very stiff and great for cutting bread. I cut bread free hand and it is nice. The longer blade affords some longer strokes. The handle is very nice looking and really adds to the joy of using/owning the knife. Would recommend.

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