Bread Bow Knife

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👌 Easy Slicing: The bread bow knife makes slicing crusty sourdough bread and other homemade specialities a breeze. It preserves the integrity of your loaf, providing perfect cuts without squishing the bread.

👌 Superior Control with Taller Blade: This bread saw features a taller blade design that enhances control and facilitates straight cuts. The knife´s wood construction aids in maintaining balance during slicing.

👌 Guidelines for Uniform Slices: We’ve incorporated user-friendly slicing guides so that every slice of bread looks as good as it tastes. The slicer gives you bakery-level uniform slices right at home.

👌 Quality You Can Trust: Mama´s Great knives boast an industrial-grade stainless steel blade that retains sharpness longer. The handle is made from eco-friendly bamboo, making this the bread cutter that is as kind to the environment as it is effective.

👌 Inclusive Design for All: Delivered in a right-handed configuration, the knife can be easily converted for left-handed use. Just loosen two screws, flip the blade, and reattach. In our kitchen, everyone is welcome.

Effortless Bread Slicing Tool

Enhance your kitchen with our Bread Bow Knife, designed for precision slicing across various bread types. The stainless steel blade cuts smoothly, and the fixed position ensures uniform slices. With a comfortable bamboo handle, this durable tool promises ease and safety, ideal for any home or as a unique housewarming gift.

11 reviews for Bread Bow Knife

  1. PaulinAl

    I bake homemade bread every week and really needed this – perfect uniform slices every time. Great idea!

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