Hi, I´m Mama Merlin

One day after another lovely dinner my son Robert, while patting his stomach, said with a content face: “Mom, You´re great!”. You moms out there, know these are the words that make our hearts melt and put a smile on our faces.
To top it off my hubby pitched in: “Yeah, honey – Why keep all the good stuff you make only for us, why not share it with others?”

“What do you mean?” I asked…

And this is how Mama´s Great started – sharing the passion of cooking, baking, and taking care of my family.

Mama´s Great is all about the products that make you feel great at home&kitchen!

Our Company

We are a small family business where every family member is pitching in. My husband is taking care of the production & sourcing. Our sons are the test audience and I´m taking care of customer relations, sales & product development.

We love baking, cooking, and testing out different hacks and products which make it easier, faster, or more fun.

When we see there are products which are good but could be improved we will test out the improvements. And if they work we want to share these improved products with you!