Hi, I´m Mama Merlin.

One day after another lovely dinner my son Robert, while patting his stomach, said with a content face: “Mom, You´re great!”. You moms out there, know these are the words that make our hearts melt and put a smile on our faces. 
To top it off my hubby pitched in: “Yeah, honey – Why keep all the good stuff you make only for us, why not share it with others?”

“What do you mean?” I asked…

And this is how Mama´s Great started – sharing the passion of cooking, baking, and taking care of my family.

Mama´s Great is all about the products that make you feel great at home&kitchen!

Perfect Slice with Every Cut

Serrated Bread Knife

Serrated knives aren’t just for bread, we made this knife with a curved belly and a generous length. This makes jobs like cutting tomatoes and other soft-fleshed plant-based matter with tough skin much easier, because you can use a rocking motion. 10.5 inches is a good length for most jobs, especially if you have only one serrated knife in your kitchen. 

high carbon stainless steel

essential in every kitchen

10.5'' Serrated knife

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